Goodbye September

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wow, the end of the month already.  This month just flew by!

Last night was better at work…it was still busy everywhere, but the mood was a lot more calm.

This morning I had to sit in on a “talk” with an employee in the ER (the manager needed to address an attitude issue that had been brought to her attention by other people in the ER) — I have to say I was not really a fan of that.  I don’t like being the person that has to hear about any issues because I work with these people at night and I don’t want them to think I think any less of them because of an issue.  Besides, there are ALWAYS two sides to every story.  And every one is carrying a burden that you usually don’t know about.

I also got my flu shot this morning.  I hate getting them!!!  (just hate having a sore arm for a while).  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up to notice that my arm really didn’t hurt that much…don’t get me wrong…it is sore, but not excessively.

Cheeseburg salad for dinner 🙂

I did all my languages and now I’m about to take my shower.

Only one more day on…then three off!!


Another long night

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I made it through my first night back again.  I swear, those nights are the worst because I’m so tired.  By the time I get home in the morning I have been up for about 24 hours and believe me…that gets tougher and tougher.

Last night was busy…and then there was a CERT call right at the end of the shift that I was helping the nurse with because she is a newer nurse, the patient needed a new IV and he was a tough stick — thankfully I was able to get an IV in after the second try…it was not easy but I felt so proud of myself when I got it!  All in all, I was there an extra half hour…for a total of 11.5 hours.

Thankfully I had a good amount of my coffee to drink on the way home…that helped me stay awake on the drive home.  It was still muggy and disgusting out.  Can’t wait for this heat to break again.

I slept hard, but of course not long enough.  I just got done doing my languages (Spanish, German, French) and boy was that a joke…there were so many times that I basically had my eyes closed for a few seconds…not too much NEW learning going on 🙂  I try to just review the old stuff on tough days like today.

Now I’m about to hop in the shower and hopefully that will wake me up a bit but if it doesn’t, I’m going to close my eyes a bit while relaxing in the chair!

Two more on.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Today was not a very fall-like day at all.  Gray and gloomy at first, then some sun, but humid and muggy.

In the morning we got the dining room cleared back out…all the boxes from our fall decorations back in the basement.

Lunch was simple…grilled cheese and an apple.

In the afternoon we headed up to Barnes and Noble and perused the books and then settled in the cafe to look some more…all while enjoying the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte!  I thought it was very good…but $4.25 for a small!!!!!  HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!

Home for dinner…burgers on the grill with rice on the side.

Now I’m all set to go in for work…I work 9p-8a today.

Three on and then three off 🙂

Fall weather

Sunday, September 27, 2015

It was CHILLY coming out of work this morning!  I had to put the heat on and use the heated seats…first time this fall baby!

Well, I made it through my first night back at work.  It was a long one…and busy.  I think I heated my coffee up THREE times during the night because I would never get a chance to FINISH it before being beeped off to another unit.

I did find out that I was not nominated for our hospital ACE awards (there were different categories…and one of them was “best supervisor/manager”…I had kind of thought/hoped that maybe I would be nominated…but no such luck…).  That was kind of disappointing.  But such is life.  I KNOW that I am a pretty good supervisor so I will just have to relish in that fact 🙂

I slept so good…no AC needed…just good old-fashioned air!  When I woke up I actually showered and got dressed (Kimm much have been SHOCKED!)  Then we decided to go to Old Navy because Kimm was looking for some new jeans and I wanted to take a look too.  Well, she found two pairs of jeans (!) but I could not find any that fit my body to my liking…too big in the legs!!  But we also both found some long-sleeved t-shirts on sale…only about $9 each…not too bad.

We ordered pizza for dinner…with fries and a salad.  This was our first time getting salad from our place…it was GOOD — green peppers, cucumbers, red onion, and tomatoes with a ranch dressing that was very tasty…and they gave you A LOT of it…which I was happy about!  When we were done eating I was STUFFED.  Next time I may just skip the fries…felt good to eat something GREEN again!

Tonight we are hopefully going to catch a glimpse of that eclipsed moon…and then an episode of Breaking Bad before bed.

Can’t wait to climb in between those sheets!

End of the fall vacation…

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vacation is over 😦

Back to work for me.  A 12 hour shift tonight.

But thankfully just one night to EASE me back in!

Accomplished today:

1 — cleared off the kitchen counter (again…maybe THIS will be the time it STAYS clean!)

2 — took pics of all the fall decorations

3 — caught up on reading all my blogs

Kimm hopped right back into domestic life — two loads of laundry done.

We’re grilling out tonight before I head into work.


One more night!

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

It was another busy night at the hospital…but I DON’T CARE because I am on vacation after tonight 🙂

Not too much for news….

…we had tacos for dinner (always a winner!)

…studying two languages at the same time is a little challenging! (but so far so good…I actually started doing a little Spanish as well…so I could be up to three languages soon!)

…we finished season two of Breaking Bad (I can’t wait to see how this show ends because so many people have said how much they love this show…I do really like this show and it is crazy all the stuff you learn about drug dealing…I think I am very naive!)

…I’m re-reading The Help again…such a good book…I think I’ll have to re-watch the movie as well

Okay…now I’m going to hop in the shower and prepare for work.

New apps I’m LOVING on my new iPhone

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Since we got our new iPhones I have found two new apps that I absolutely LOVE!

The first is a puzzle game called Word Brain…it is addicting but also frustrating (but in a good way…so far).  Kimm and I play it together at times because we get stuck!  Basically there are tiles of letters that combine to make certain words…but they have to be the words that are chosen to be THE words for that game…for example…there are 9 letter tiles, two words to be found, one a four letter word, the other a five letter word…you may be able to form MANY four and five letter words, but you have to find the exact words that will allow you to pass the level.  Like I said…fun (when you are getting the words easily), but frustrating (when you have tried every combination possible and feel the level is impossible…but we haven’t gotten to that point yet!)

The second is a coloring app called Colorfy.  You know those adult coloring books that have been popping up all over the place, claiming to help soothe anxiety and calm the spirit by bringing you back to your “inner child” by coloring…well that is what this app is…but SO MUCH EASIER.  You can color but also ERASE super simply!  I get lost in time when I am coloring some of these pictures.

I haven’t downloaded my pics yet, but here are two that Kimm did so far…I LOVE THEM and want to get them printed out and framed!!



Pretty great huh??

Seriously….she did such a WONDERFUL job…I especially like the one with the birds!!

Anyways, can you tell what I’ll be doing on my downtime at work 🙂

TWO more nights on…then vacation!!!

Learning another language…

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Drum roll please….

I am now also learning…

(ahh…the suspense!)


Yup, I decided yesterday to add in German while I was studying French.

Kimm has been studying that language for quite a while now and I became intrigued to see how different it would be to learn another language WHILE I was still learning French.

Initial reactions:

~~it is interesting how SOME things are kind of similar (the grammar structure…at least that is how it seems initially)

~~it is CRAZY how different the words sound (especially in German…so many of the constenants are NOT pronounced as we would in English…that will take a lot of practice!)

But I’m excited to stretch my brain muscles a bit more and hopefully become more proficient in this language.

Who knows, in a little while I may even add back in Spanish!

Well, I’m back to work for tonight for three nights and then…VACATION (one of my favorite vacations!)


Monday, September 14th, 2015

Well, now that the day is over I can finally say that we both own iPhones.

But WHAT a process.

So lets back track…

Early this morning — both Kimm and I went over the differing costs of the AT&T phone/data/text plans that were available (basically comparing two options — buying our phones outright and then getting on a 2 year contract OR renting the phones month to month, with the phones finally being paid off in 30 months, but with an option to trade in and upgrade after 24 months).  We compared each of these options to staying with our current plan.

We were both surprised to see that it would actually be cheaper to do the plan where we buy the phones outright and then do a 2 year contract.  I was actually kind of happy that we wouldn’t have to worry about the unlimited data plan anymore since the company seemed to not want to offer it anymore.  It would alleviate any fighting for it in the future.

The plan we decided on was a shared plan — 5 GB data usage between the two of us, with unlimited calling and texting — worked about to be close to what we are paying now (just a tad bit under).

So after deciding on the plan we wanted we got ready to got.  Today we headed up to the AT&T store in West Springfield.

What an experience we had there…

First of all, we got there when all the associates were helping other customers so we waited close to 45 minutes to be seen.  That’s a pretty long time just sitting there and waiting.

Second, when I started to ask a few questions about the plan we were considering, right away the manager who was helping me was like, “you know that’s not the cheapest plan in the long run…” and when I tried to tell her that we did out the math and for us it WAS the cheapest plan she again insisted, “no, we can show you the numbers”…UGH…SO ANNOYING — I know they just want you to get a plan that is best for THEM.

Anyway, we finally got to meet with a sales associate and he was just okay…not really that pleasant…not someone I would ever think should get into sales.  Most people in sales at least have some sort of personality.  But regardless, we completed the transaction and were able to leave the store with the phones in hand.

And the phones were NICE — thin…gold on the back…nice and new!

When we got home and started setting up the phones is when we started to have another issue (of course!) that took up a good part of the rest of the day.

Kimm noticed that there was a VERY small black dot on her screen (kind of imbedded in the screen) — basically it was a defect of the phone.

So I called the AT&T store, told them I just bought the phone, and asked if the phone could be exchanged.  GET THIS — since it was a closeout sale, they do NO REFUNDS.  Instead you have to go through Apple to get a refund.

So then I had to call Apple and even though the customer service rep was nice, her basic answer was that we had to set up an appointment at the Apple store to have them evaluate the phone.  She mentioned that they might try to “repair” the phone but that would entail sending the phone in, etc.  WHAT??  On a phone we just bought??!!  It was SO FRUSTRATING!!!

At that point Kimm was chatting online with someone from Apple, explaining the issue with the phone and of course getting the same kind of info…we’d have to set up an appointment to be seen in the store…could not just get a direct exchange for a new phone.

I think Kimm’s blood pressure was going through the roof!!!!!

So to make a long story short…we now have an appointment set up for Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm.  On our first day of vacation.

I TRULY hope that they will just exchange Kimm’s phone out.  That would be the easiest solution.  But when is something every easy?

Kimm says that if they want to try to “repair” her phone she will refuse since she would then be without a phone for a while.

So I’m CROSSING my fingers that the phone will be able to be exchanged.

BUT besides all that…the phones are GREAT.

But this has turned me off from buying a phone from AT&T (or if we ever do again we will have to examine the phones with a fine-tooth comb before leaving the store).  Who would have thought you would have to do that??

And that is our iPhone buying experience…thankfully we get new phones rarely.  Dealing with this kind of thing yearly would put us over the edge I’m sure!

No iPhone yet.

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

So…today was supposed to be the day that we got new iPhones!

But…it was a no-go 😦

Here’s the backstory — Kimm found out that the new iPhones were coming out (the 6s and the 6s plus) — because of that the old phones (the 6 and the 6 plus) were discounted via AT&T (to an affordable price for us…$200 for the 64 GB 6s).  Since we haven’t gotten new phones in 4 years we were wicked psyched to be able to FINALLY get new phones 🙂

However, we also wanted to keep our old cell phone plan (unlimited data, 200 texts/month and 450 minutes talk time/month).  But…of course AT&T doesn’t offer that plan anymore…right now we are grandfathered in.

So the plan was for us to head up to the mall on Sunday after I got done sleeping and go to the AT&T store where we could see if they would honor our old plan.

So we got up there and thankfully only had to wait about 10 minutes or so before it was our turn.  The guy who was helping us was pretty nice….he did say that they would honor our plan but that we couldn’t do it at the store…we would have to do it online.  He even offered to help us do it online, but unfortunately he was using an iPad and so it was just going SO slow.  So we told him we would do it at home ourselves on the laptop which we thought would be much faster.

So we left, ordered pizza and chowed down on that while watching Chopped — that part of the night was fun 🙂

Then after we ate, Kimm attempted to order our phones online, but it wouldn’t allow her to order the phone with the proper plan — it wanted her to pay $20/month for unlimited texting…they didn’t offer the $5/200 texts per month plan anymore.  It was at that point that she got on the phone to speak to someone from AT&T to try to get some help.  BIG MISTAKE.  She got absolutely NO HELP at all…she spoke to three different people (two of them who didn’t even speak English all that well) and basically was told that she couldn’t get the texting for that price.

By the time she got off the phone (well over an hour later!) she was piping mad!

So here we are — no iPhones ordered even though that was our plan for the day.

We decided that maybe we would take a closer look at the cell plans that AT&T DID offer to see if financially it would be any cheaper to try one of those plans instead of trying so hard to keep the same plan since we were getting the run-around.

So that is the plan for tomorrow — to research the plans AT&T offers and hopefully get the phones with a different plan.


Why is getting a new phone so much work????

Believe me…ice cream was needed after the frustrations of today.  And it was WELL ENJOYED 🙂