Tooth update

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Well, today I finally got to meet with the endodontist that did my root canal to find out if everything is okay since I was still having some tooth sensitivity.

The verdict: according to her, “endodontically” everything is A-Okay.

This is good and bad of course.  Good because my tooth is fine — no cavity.  Bad because I still have this sensitivity.

But she did tell me that oftentimes a crowned tooth will feel “different” from our natural teeth for quite some time.  I know this is true because my other crown took SO LONG to feel normal (but more so in regards to pressure…this new crown is a completely different feeling).  She also mentioned that the tooth had a lot of work done on it and it HAS only been a couple of months…more healing is needed.

So I’m satisfied with the results and am just hoping that years down the road this tooth will start to feel more normal like my other crowned tooth.

AND I’m also crossing my finger that I won’t ever need another root canal OR crown.

Only one more night on…so happy as I’m very tired tonight.  I had to get up early to go to this appointment so my eyes are BURNING NOW.

Time for a little nap before work 🙂


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