Yummy Mexican food!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Today we went out for Mexican food and it was SO GOOD!  We went to our tried and true local place, El Forestero.

Same meal as always…veggie quesadillas with guacamole as an app, soda to drink.

SERIOUSLY so good!

We went after we finished our end-of-the-month finance meeting.  It was a long one.  But a good one…we were able to save close to $1250 this month!!!!!  That sure made a dent in replacing all the money we spent on dentistry over the last couple of months.

I have to say though, it was a bit depressing to see how much money we lost in our accounts due to the stupid stock market…over $1ooo.  SIGH.

Hopefully the market will reverse at some point and we will gain that much back.

Sometimes money is just so frustrating.

But that Mexican food made me forget all about that 🙂


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