Another stretch done.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wow, a week of this month is already done.  I cannot believe it.  Time is just going by so fast.

I made it through last night, which was good because I was going on so little sleep!  I stopped by and visited Kimm’s mom before leaving work (about an hour).  She wasn’t sure what the plan would be at that point since she was still having the abdominal pain, still “nothing by mouth”, and still receiving IV fluids.  The good news is that she had slept well and with the pain medications, was feeling pretty good.

Now we just got an update from her dad that she will be discharged.  Kind of surprising since they had advanced her diet and she still had the same pain.  But since they couldn’t find anything on the abdominal CT I’m sure there was no real justification to keep her there.  Hopefully with some more rest and a light/bland diet she’ll be feeling more herself in the next few days.

As for myself, as usual I’m super happy to have the night off!  Even though I have really no plans…ha ha!

I’ll probably do my French, read a bit, take a shower, and watch a show before bed.

Tomorrow will consist of finishing my online prep work for the ACLS instructor class on Thursday and probably visiting Kimm’s mom if she is up for a visit.

Dark before 7:15 pm….BAH!!!!


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