Monday, September 14th, 2015

Well, now that the day is over I can finally say that we both own iPhones.

But WHAT a process.

So lets back track…

Early this morning — both Kimm and I went over the differing costs of the AT&T phone/data/text plans that were available (basically comparing two options — buying our phones outright and then getting on a 2 year contract OR renting the phones month to month, with the phones finally being paid off in 30 months, but with an option to trade in and upgrade after 24 months).  We compared each of these options to staying with our current plan.

We were both surprised to see that it would actually be cheaper to do the plan where we buy the phones outright and then do a 2 year contract.  I was actually kind of happy that we wouldn’t have to worry about the unlimited data plan anymore since the company seemed to not want to offer it anymore.  It would alleviate any fighting for it in the future.

The plan we decided on was a shared plan — 5 GB data usage between the two of us, with unlimited calling and texting — worked about to be close to what we are paying now (just a tad bit under).

So after deciding on the plan we wanted we got ready to got.  Today we headed up to the AT&T store in West Springfield.

What an experience we had there…

First of all, we got there when all the associates were helping other customers so we waited close to 45 minutes to be seen.  That’s a pretty long time just sitting there and waiting.

Second, when I started to ask a few questions about the plan we were considering, right away the manager who was helping me was like, “you know that’s not the cheapest plan in the long run…” and when I tried to tell her that we did out the math and for us it WAS the cheapest plan she again insisted, “no, we can show you the numbers”…UGH…SO ANNOYING — I know they just want you to get a plan that is best for THEM.

Anyway, we finally got to meet with a sales associate and he was just okay…not really that pleasant…not someone I would ever think should get into sales.  Most people in sales at least have some sort of personality.  But regardless, we completed the transaction and were able to leave the store with the phones in hand.

And the phones were NICE — thin…gold on the back…nice and new!

When we got home and started setting up the phones is when we started to have another issue (of course!) that took up a good part of the rest of the day.

Kimm noticed that there was a VERY small black dot on her screen (kind of imbedded in the screen) — basically it was a defect of the phone.

So I called the AT&T store, told them I just bought the phone, and asked if the phone could be exchanged.  GET THIS — since it was a closeout sale, they do NO REFUNDS.  Instead you have to go through Apple to get a refund.

So then I had to call Apple and even though the customer service rep was nice, her basic answer was that we had to set up an appointment at the Apple store to have them evaluate the phone.  She mentioned that they might try to “repair” the phone but that would entail sending the phone in, etc.  WHAT??  On a phone we just bought??!!  It was SO FRUSTRATING!!!

At that point Kimm was chatting online with someone from Apple, explaining the issue with the phone and of course getting the same kind of info…we’d have to set up an appointment to be seen in the store…could not just get a direct exchange for a new phone.

I think Kimm’s blood pressure was going through the roof!!!!!

So to make a long story short…we now have an appointment set up for Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm.  On our first day of vacation.

I TRULY hope that they will just exchange Kimm’s phone out.  That would be the easiest solution.  But when is something every easy?

Kimm says that if they want to try to “repair” her phone she will refuse since she would then be without a phone for a while.

So I’m CROSSING my fingers that the phone will be able to be exchanged.

BUT besides all that…the phones are GREAT.

But this has turned me off from buying a phone from AT&T (or if we ever do again we will have to examine the phones with a fine-tooth comb before leaving the store).  Who would have thought you would have to do that??

And that is our iPhone buying experience…thankfully we get new phones rarely.  Dealing with this kind of thing yearly would put us over the edge I’m sure!


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