Learning another language…

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Drum roll please….

I am now also learning…

(ahh…the suspense!)


Yup, I decided yesterday to add in German while I was studying French.

Kimm has been studying that language for quite a while now and I became intrigued to see how different it would be to learn another language WHILE I was still learning French.

Initial reactions:

~~it is interesting how SOME things are kind of similar (the grammar structure…at least that is how it seems initially)

~~it is CRAZY how different the words sound (especially in German…so many of the constenants are NOT pronounced as we would in English…that will take a lot of practice!)

But I’m excited to stretch my brain muscles a bit more and hopefully become more proficient in this language.

Who knows, in a little while I may even add back in Spanish!

Well, I’m back to work for tonight for three nights and then…VACATION (one of my favorite vacations!)


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