Beautiful fall walk…

Monday, October 5, 2015

I made it through my first night on!  The census was pretty low in the entire hospital (about 60 patients — usually mid 70s) — but somehow that did not translate into less work for me!  I was steadily busy the entire night long.  Which was fine by me since I was tired (somehow no matter if I get a nap in, my first day back is always rough….I guess staying up for 24 hours will do that to you!)

I was glad to get out of the hospital when it was time…I put my heated seats on and blasted the heat the whole way home!

Bed was very welcome 🙂

When I got up, we decided to take Izzy for a walk since it was sunny out.  In the sun, it was actually pretty warm!  It was such a beautiful walk.

Dinner was comfort food at its best…cheesy pasta, broccoli and garlic bread.

Now I’m going to do my languages, shower, and a Breaking Bad before my nap!

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