A second apple picking adventure…

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The first time we went apple picking was during our September vacation…the weather was beautiful and the trees were heavy with fruit, and we had the opportunity to pick four different varieties (Macoun, McIntosh, Cortland, and Gala).

After hearing about our apple picking, Kimm’s mom expressed her desire to go too!  We made a plan to go today since it was a day that I had off.  Unfortunately, it fell after that hard frost…we weren’t sure how the apples would fare, but when we checked the website for the apple farm, there was no “done picking” advertised so we headed on out.

Well…the frost did do a number on the apples.  Some of the later harvest apples fared okay, but the remainder were pretty much ruined (SOFT and MUSHY).  We were able to pick a new variety to us (Mutzu) — those apples were HUGE — seriously like the size of softballs!  We picked 8 of them and they were as heavy as 16 regular apples 🙂  We also were able to pick some more Macoun which are always tasty.

But we were so sad that so many of the apples weren’t able to be harvested…

I would LOVE to have an apple tree in my yard someday!

After apple picking, we headed home and ordered Chinese for lunch (veggie spring rolls, veggie fried rice, and veggie lo mein) — it was all SO GOOD — even more tasty than usual so I’m not sure what they did differently!

Then we chatted up while Kimm’s mom hemmed up two pairs of Kimm’s jeans and a pair of my scrubs.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to use our own sewing machine 🙂

Kimm’s dad picked up her mom around 4:30 pm and then we took Izzy on a walk.  The day had flown by, as usual.  I decided on a quick, easy meal — tacos — SO GOOD!

The remainder of the night was for relaxing — I watched some DWTS and did my Duolingo.   My eyes may have even closed for a bit!  Ended it all with a snack and Blacklist.

Another busy day tomorrow as I’m going in to assist with teaching ACLS for the first time.


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