Thursday, October 22, 2015

Well, I made it through my first teaching class of ACLS….whew!

It all started bright and early…6:10 am I was up and immediately in the shower.  It kind of reminded me of the days, WAY back, when I had to get up early to get ready for my clinical…ughhh….how I hated getting up that early.  I didn’t especially like it too much today either!

But then downstairs to take Izzy out, feed the animals and eat breakfast.  It all felt like such a rush…I probably should have given myself a little more time so it would have flowed better (but that would have necessitated me getting up EVEN earlier! — which is worse??)

The BEST part of the morning was seeing the sun rise…absolutely gorgeous.

I was out of the house by a bit past 7:30 and made it to work by 8 am.

Today for the ACLS I was there to mostly observe and assist a bit where I felt comfortable.  The instructor had me help with the Respiratory table, for the most part.  I mostly observed the CPR table and the Megacode scenarios (where real life codes are simulated).

It was a long day…until 3 pm (and she forgot to give us lunch) so I was SO ready to leave at the end.

But as far as the teaching goes…I think once I do it a few more times and become more familiar with how it all works and what are the important points to touch on…I’ll feel a lot more comfortable.

I’m going to try to assist with as many of the classes as I can…it just depends on if it works out with my co-night-supervisor.

I got home and ate some carrots and dip immediately so my stomach would stop growling 🙂

Then a walk and dinner — even more simple than last night….reheat the taco “meat” and make some rice…then eat!

Now I’m off again tonight 🙂

I’m finishing with DWTS…I’m watching the Switch-Up week and so far I have LOVED Bindy, Carlos, and Alexis.  Will be interesting to see who gets voted off…

Back to work tomorrow for the weekend…


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