Feeling better.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I have to say I am feeling SO MUCH better today.

I’m going to attribute it to the “catching up” on my sleep and the extra water I’ve been drinking 🙂

We actually slept in a bit today because Kimm didn’t get to sleep during the night until almost 3 am!  So we got up about 8:30 and it felt wonderful to me!

The main task for the morning after breakfast was getting to CVS to pick up Kimm’s prescription and some more allergy meds and then a trip to Stop and Shop for some odds and ends.

By the time we got home we were STARVING…veggie sandwiches on THE freshest loaf of Italian bread…yumm.

Of course an afternoon nap followed.

No walk for Izzy-bear today since she has been limping a bit…not sure what happened but we’re hoping a few days of rest will mend that right up.

Leftover broccoli soup for dinner was super easy.

And now I’m spending the remainder of the night watching DWTS!


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