30 days of yoga…

Monday, November 30, 2015


30 consecutive days of yoga!!

I am so proud of myself.

And I feel good.  Yoga makes me feel good.  I could be in the most awful mood before stepping on to the mat…but when I leave it, I may feel exhausted, but I always feel good.

Mentally it was just the challenge I needed.

I’m going to re-do this challenge in January and see just how much improvements I’ve made.

December I’m focusing on minimal goals since it will be a busy month.

I’m committing to two days at the gym and one yoga class per week.


Today was a busy day…

…walk with Izzy (COLD)

…made Cheeseburg Salad for dinner (yumm!)

…cleaned out the fridge (it really needed it and now everything is so clean!)

…cleaned the tub (FINALLY…disgusting!!)

Only two more nights on!


House decorated!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

WOW…it is hard to believe that all of our Christmas decorating is DONE!


(as much as I enjoy decorating, there is some elements of stress and frustration, and I am always glad when it is done and I can simply enjoy it all!)

We did a little bit before lunch…that went pretty easy.  We knew where we wanted a lot of the stuff to go based on where it was last year.

Lunch was the leftover pizza and some fries that I cooked up from home…so good!

After lunch we got right back at it…and it seemed to go well for a while, but then I think I got a bit nervous when I looked at the time and saw how late it was getting and I saw how much more had to be done.

Let’s just say I had a little melt-down.  Poor Kimm…I don’t think she knew what hit her!

We took a much needed break and headed outside with Izzy for a walk.  It was actually a beautiful, sunny day.  Izzy was in her glory.

When we got back, my head was clearer and we just dove back in.  Two hours later and it was DONE…everything, even all the clean up!!


Thankfully dinner was easy…the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers.

Now I’m going to do my DAY 29 of yoga…only today and tomorrow left and I will have done yoga for 30 days in a row!!

PICS SOON….(promise!!!!!)

I’m back to work tonight for three in a row.  Hopefully they fly by.

Tree decorated!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I am just going to say it…I’m incredibly happy that I have TWO nights off in a row 🙂

Last night was also very special…I got to Skype with my family and see my nephew Eric…he is getting SO BIG.  I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is in high school.

Today’s task was to get the tree decorated.  It used to be that we tried to get the tree decorated AND the house decorated in one day.  Now we are smarter and realize that is WAY TOO MUCH for one day.

I started it all by trimming some branches off the bottom of the tree…and then I turned and I turned and I turned the tree until I got it in the PERFECT spot 🙂  Sometimes I really get annoyed by the perfectionist in me!!

Next up…lights.  We got those up in record time but we both agreed that next year we’d like to get a few more strands on the tree if possible…and maybe even the blink-y kind again!

What gave us the most trouble this year was the GARLAND.  It WOULD NOT go up properly!  We kept running out of garland or having too much garland.  We finally ended up stuffing a bunch of extra garland into the middle of the tree!

The best part of all was doing the ornaments…especially taking them all out and seeing what you have.  I just LOVE all of our ornaments.  The most difficult part was determining which ones got front and center on the tree…when you love all your ornaments you hate to NOT see them when you are sitting on the couch 🙂

For the most part the ornaments went up pretty easy…there were just a couple of times that we had to search for branches that could hold up the weight of the ornaments.

When we were all done we were VERY satisfied!

And to celebrate…pizza and fries…what else!  We got a large pizza so that we would have leftovers for when we were decorating the next day.



Friday, November 27, 2015

Well, let me just say, even though I only had to work for one night…it was a tough one…I was SO TIRED!!!!

I was very thankful to set my head on my pillow.

Unfortunately I was woken a bit earlier than I wanted to be — our next door neighbor was using a chainsaw to cut up the tree that he had taken down.  UGH…SO LOUD.

So a walk with Izzy happened.  And then I did my languages.

Then we got the house ready for the tree…moved the chair to the other side of the room, moved the desk out on to the porch, moved the coffee table out of the way, brought up the tree stand, swept the floor.

And finally it was off to get our tree!

We’ve been purchasing our tree from our realtor for years now and it’s a tradition we love.

It was nice tonight because there was no one else there looking so we were able to talk with him and his wife for about a half hour, catching up on life.  It was nice.

And then we got our tree.  It literally took us only about FIVE minutes to pick it out…they are seriously all so perfect!

We tried a new way of getting the tree into the house this time and it worked pretty good….we parked the car IN FRONT of the house so we didn’t have to carry the tree as far…and then Kimm took the trunk (which is easier for her to carry with her hands) and I took the top…we made it in the house in record time with minimal needle spillage.

Getting the tree into the stand went fairly well.  There was only that ONE time that the tree practically fell over 🙂

And now the entire house smells AMAZING.  I swear, is there anything that smells as good as a Christmas tree??

Thanksgiving 2015.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

It was SO nice to sleep during the night and wake up rested for Thanksgiving!

Breakfast was yummy — egg bagel with cream cheese, coffee.  And I got to read 🙂

I was able to talk with my parents in the morning which was so nice!  I think it had been about a month without talking…way too long.  They were getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and my nephew…the food sounded delicious!  Again, it is times like this that I wish I could be in TWO places at once!  I miss seeing my family on holidays…

Our Thanksgiving was very good.  We got to Kimm’s parents at a little after 1 pm.  The meal was fairly on schedule and we ate about 3 pm (only a half hour past our predicted time!).


…stuffing (my fave!)

…green bean casserole


…brown sugar glazed carrots

…cranberry sauce

…corn bread

…cheesy broccoli casserole

…creamed pearl onions

…mashed potatoes

…buttered peas (another fave)

…crescent rolls


Even though I don’t think I ate any more than I usually do…I was STUFFED.

Dishes were done and then I parked myself on the couch to relax and let all that food digest.  I think my eyes may have closed just a bit listening to all the conversation around me!

We watched our first Christmas movie of the season…Christmas with the Kranks — HILARIOUS (if you haven’t seen it…you must…I laughed SO HARD).  We filled up on dessert midway through — apple crumb pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, EggNog ice cream!

We headed out about 8:45 pm and got home a bit after 9 pm.  I quickly changed into my scrubs and spent the remainder of my time before work with my eyes closed in the chair.  My alarm came way too soon and before I knew it…it was time for work.

THANKFULLY only one day on 🙂

Thanksgiving Prep Done!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I made it through my rough stretch on!!!!

And thankfully no one was chainsawing down trees today so I got a pretty good rest.

Up for a walk with Kimm and Izzy — gorgeous pale pink sunset!

Dinner is our new Thanksgiving Eve tradition — appetizers!! (mozz sticks, mac and cheese bites, pizza rolls, and fries)

After dinner we prepped all of our Thanksgiving stuff:

Cranberry sauce — check!

Buttered and salted peas — check!

Brown sugar and butter glazed carrots — check!

Chex Mix — check!

Now tomorrow all I have to do is make the green bean casserole while at Kimm’s parents house.

I’m about to do yoga and then shower.

A Grey’s Anatomy before bed — and I think I’ll have a slice of apple pie too — our realtor dropped one off for us to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

I have so much to be thankful for in my life…my heart is full and a smile is in my heart.




Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ANOTHER busy night at the hospital…census up to 100!  Usually around the holidays census drops down, but here we are a few days from Thanksgiving with a full house.

I made it through the night, but I was tired.  I was definitely chewing my gum 🙂

I decided to stop at Stop and Shop after work to get the rest of the groceries needed for Thanksgiving.  Took about 45 minutes.  I was SO GLAD to get home.  Bed was calling my name…hard.

But sleep was not to be had…at least not a very restful sleep.  Our next door neighbors were having their VERY LARGE tree taken down.  So it was a constant chainsaw noise.  ALL DAY LONG.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well at all.  I was up by 2:30 because at that time they were using the double chainsaw for the trunk.  UGH.

It’s going to be a long, last night at the hospital.

Other unlucky things today…

  1. the neighbors who had their tree chopped down parked their car on our lawn and so did one of the tree removal people — SERIOUSLY — don’t park on people’s lawn!!!!!!!
  2. the leaves got picked up today and instead of loading them up with the leaves going in the back of the truck, they were using the overhead truck — where they put the bags of leaves in the front part and then when that is full it is brought up over the front of the truck and dumped into the area on the back of the truck — now we have leaves ALL OVER the front of our house — because of course they did that TWICE in front of our house!!!!

The walk today was CHILLY.  I’m not caring for this cold weather.  Thankfully I see that the next couple of days should be in the 60s.

Dinner was good — homemade pizza.  I took another 2 hour nap after eating 🙂

Now I’m just finishing my blog, then will do yoga and then a shower before heading off to my final shift before Thanksgiving.

I will be happy when 8 am hits 🙂

Catching up on sleep…

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wow…my WordPress site that I use to write blogs has changed the formatting and it is throwing me for a loop…nothing is where it normally is!

I just took a two hour nap after eating dinner lying in the crook of Kimm’s shoulder…I guess I should feel guilty…but I just can’t.  I know that I am super short on sleep and even though I slept all day, it was not truly restful as the guys came to do the gutters and I was still sore from doing the leaves.

The body wants what the body needs.

Now I feel all mixed up because it is close to 9 pm and by now I’m either watching a show or taking a nap!  But instead I’m writing my blog post, then I’ll do a short amount of French/German/Spanish, then yoga (23 minutes tonight), then a shower, and then off to work!

I can’t believe I only have two more days of work before it is Thanksgiving.

Where does the time go??

On another note, I can’t believe that certain areas back home (WI) have had snow already!!

Our walk today with Izzy was REALLY cold…I think I need to invest in some thermals 🙂


Sunday, November 22, 2015

I am so HAPPY to say that those leaves are finally done!!!!!!

Two hours this morning.

Two hours this afternoon.

22 more bags.

Achy back, legs, neck and arms…but a hot shower helped tremendously.

And I have yoga tonight to stretch out some more.

I’ll take another shower.

For now, pizza is ordered and I can’t wait to eat 🙂

Three on and then it’s Thanksgiving….WOW…where has this month gone??????

More leaves…

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The first day of catching up on the leaves is done!

Actually it went pretty well…I got up about 2 pm and was outside shortly after.  I set my alarm on my iPod for 2 hours and just started.  We got a good amount done…it was a lot easier because the leaves were slightly damp and therefore packed down into the bags much better.  10 bags done today.

A quick walk with Izzy afterwards because she’s been stuck inside all day…also it helped to stretch out all those achy muscles!  An absolute gorgeous fall sunset…orange and teal and pink…makes you grateful to be alive.

Pizza out for dinner…nice and easy and boy did it taste good.

Now I’m doing my languages, I’m sure there might be a short nap and I still have to fit in my yoga (1/2 hour tonight)…and a nice HOT shower to end it all.

Tomorrow we’ll be back at those d**n leaves!!!  Fingers crossed that they will all get done.  The good news is that Kimm finally says that she would agree to have someone come and do these leaves next year!!!!!!!   So this may be the last year of such back-breaking, time-consuming leaf picking up 🙂