Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ANOTHER busy night at the hospital…census up to 100!  Usually around the holidays census drops down, but here we are a few days from Thanksgiving with a full house.

I made it through the night, but I was tired.  I was definitely chewing my gum 🙂

I decided to stop at Stop and Shop after work to get the rest of the groceries needed for Thanksgiving.  Took about 45 minutes.  I was SO GLAD to get home.  Bed was calling my name…hard.

But sleep was not to be had…at least not a very restful sleep.  Our next door neighbors were having their VERY LARGE tree taken down.  So it was a constant chainsaw noise.  ALL DAY LONG.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well at all.  I was up by 2:30 because at that time they were using the double chainsaw for the trunk.  UGH.

It’s going to be a long, last night at the hospital.

Other unlucky things today…

  1. the neighbors who had their tree chopped down parked their car on our lawn and so did one of the tree removal people — SERIOUSLY — don’t park on people’s lawn!!!!!!!
  2. the leaves got picked up today and instead of loading them up with the leaves going in the back of the truck, they were using the overhead truck — where they put the bags of leaves in the front part and then when that is full it is brought up over the front of the truck and dumped into the area on the back of the truck — now we have leaves ALL OVER the front of our house — because of course they did that TWICE in front of our house!!!!

The walk today was CHILLY.  I’m not caring for this cold weather.  Thankfully I see that the next couple of days should be in the 60s.

Dinner was good — homemade pizza.  I took another 2 hour nap after eating 🙂

Now I’m just finishing my blog, then will do yoga and then a shower before heading off to my final shift before Thanksgiving.

I will be happy when 8 am hits 🙂


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