House decorated!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

WOW…it is hard to believe that all of our Christmas decorating is DONE!


(as much as I enjoy decorating, there is some elements of stress and frustration, and I am always glad when it is done and I can simply enjoy it all!)

We did a little bit before lunch…that went pretty easy.  We knew where we wanted a lot of the stuff to go based on where it was last year.

Lunch was the leftover pizza and some fries that I cooked up from home…so good!

After lunch we got right back at it…and it seemed to go well for a while, but then I think I got a bit nervous when I looked at the time and saw how late it was getting and I saw how much more had to be done.

Let’s just say I had a little melt-down.  Poor Kimm…I don’t think she knew what hit her!

We took a much needed break and headed outside with Izzy for a walk.  It was actually a beautiful, sunny day.  Izzy was in her glory.

When we got back, my head was clearer and we just dove back in.  Two hours later and it was DONE…everything, even all the clean up!!


Thankfully dinner was easy…the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers.

Now I’m going to do my DAY 29 of yoga…only today and tomorrow left and I will have done yoga for 30 days in a row!!

PICS SOON….(promise!!!!!)

I’m back to work tonight for three in a row.  Hopefully they fly by.


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