30 days of yoga…

Monday, November 30, 2015


30 consecutive days of yoga!!

I am so proud of myself.

And I feel good.  Yoga makes me feel good.  I could be in the most awful mood before stepping on to the mat…but when I leave it, I may feel exhausted, but I always feel good.

Mentally it was just the challenge I needed.

I’m going to re-do this challenge in January and see just how much improvements I’ve made.

December I’m focusing on minimal goals since it will be a busy month.

I’m committing to two days at the gym and one yoga class per week.


Today was a busy day…

…walk with Izzy (COLD)

…made Cheeseburg Salad for dinner (yumm!)

…cleaned out the fridge (it really needed it and now everything is so clean!)

…cleaned the tub (FINALLY…disgusting!!)

Only two more nights on!


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