Now it’s a head cold!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

YIKES…less than 10 days til Christmas…the days are just flying by.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up with my throat feeling better…still sore, but a different sore that I knew would eventually go away.  But as the day has progressed I can just tell that I’m getting a head cold…THE WORST thing ever!!!

But I still managed to get A LOT done today…

~~2 loads of laundry (Kimm woke up with a pinched nerve in her neck and since she wanted to get two loads of laundry done today I wanted to help her accomplish that “to do” item)

~~gym (just me…treadmill with alternate run/walk, and weights — legs)

~~walk with Izzy

~~Christmas shopping for some odds and ends (went up to the mall and goodness…let’s just say I prefer to stay home! )

~~had pizza out for dinner (just something simple after shopping)

~~I’m about to do my languages

~~we’re going to watch Miracle on 34th Street

And then…BED!!!!!


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