Hello 2016!!

Friday, January 1, 2016


A brand new year…we are all just starting it now…I hope we all like what we create 🙂

We had a pretty low-key first day of the year, which was fine by me!

It all started off by not setting the alarm…always a good thing.

Breakfast was a bagel and cream cheese and some coffee (which I ate while reading my Kindle — The Last Anniversary by Lianne Moriarty — I’ve read it before but I just bought it when it went on sale via Bookbub — I’m loving it the second time through just as much!)

I puttered around a bit on the computer and then called my parents to wish them a happy new year!  We had a nice chat, catching up on things.

Then it was already time for lunch — grilled cheese and tomato soup — my fave, while watching Facts of Life.  A little nap may have followed 🙂

Then it was time to get at our finance meeting.  We didn’t have one ALL of December so we knew it was going to be quite the event.  Of course we didn’t make hardly a dent, but we did start…hopefully by the end of the week we’ll be caught up.  At least we had mimosas during it all which made it not quite so depressing!

A walk with Izzy…she was SO happy.  It was quite cold and gray and dreary out.  Some snow flurries as well.

Dinner was a veggie burger with sauteed onions and fries on the side — another fave!  While watching more Facts of Life.  ANOTHER nap may have ensued 🙂 (pretty good start to the year I would say!)

Now I just finished my languages and I’m about to hop in a nice hot shower.

I’m on for two days, then off one.  My schedule is not GREAT this week, because my co-night-supervisor is on vacation, but at least it’s an extra day of work…OVERTIME!!


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