A Taste of Home…

Friday, January 8, 2016

Today I received a box of homemade Christmas candy and cookies in the mail from my parents 🙂

I had a few pieces after dinner (trying to be good!) and taking just the first bite was like tasting home.  There are just certain tastes that bring memories flooding in faster than you can process them…seeing my dad dunk angel food in chocolate in the kitchen…watching my mom do her turtle process (lay down the pecans, then the caramel, then the chocolate)…my dad cracking the peanuts from the shell on the couch at night…my mom rolling out the cookie dough…all of us frosting the cookies and decorating…then choosing one to eat afterwards…we always wanted the big Gingerbread man!…my dad grinding the peanuts for the peanut cake…my mom stirring and stirring and stirring for the patience…all the buckets of candy in the coat closet…watching my dad and mom work together to dunk the peanut cake in the frosting and then the peanuts…my dad putting the candy platters together…my mom and me filling the candy boxes that we gave away…

GOOD memories.  And all from a single taste of homemade Christmas candy.

Thanks Mom and Dad (and not for the candy)…for the memories.


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