Going out.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

On my one day off, we had plans to go out to see the Best of 2015 Burlesque show in Northampton.

That meant for a busy pre-show routine…up at 3:30 pm, our walk with Izzy, making dinner (veg burg and roasted potatoes, dishes, shower, get dressed).

We left about 7pm.  Our big plans were to get REAL drinks at the bar — not just beer or bottled stuff.  I wanted to get a Tom Collins and something else…Kimm really wanted to get a gin and tonic.

**(written next day) …

The show was SO good.  A lot of good acts!  If you don’t know what burlesque is — which I didn’t before attending a show (because an acquaintance performs in it) — it is a performance, usually to music, that involves strip tease, but also tells a story…often funny!  It celebrates all body types and sizes.   Our friend did a number where she was Beetlejuice (from the movie…of which I’ve never seen…but the act was incredible).

As far as the drinks went…we both had a Tom Collins for our first drink.  It was pretty good…light and refreshing.   At the intermission we each got another drink — I got a Sex on the Beach (vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice) and Kimm got a gin and tonic.  I liked the Sex on the Beach (fruity, but not too sweet).  I tried the gin and tonic but it was a little dry to me, but Kimm really liked it.

We were home by about 11 ish and watched an episode of The Facts of Life before heading up to bed.


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