My last full day off for a while…

Monday, January 18, 2016

Starting tomorrow I’ll be working 7 out of 8 days 😦

But I can’t complain…I was able to have off 6 of the last 7!  And it worked this way due to a scheduling change I requested.  But I do have to say…it’s always nicer when you work the hard stuff first, AND then get to have the days off.  Oh well…

Today was another pretty good day…nothing extravagant…just a simple day off which are my favorites.

Breakfast while reading.  Shaved my legs in the shower…a big thing in the winter 🙂 A finance meeting. Lunch and then a nap!  A walk with Izzy (it was COLD…24 degrees…but that is NOTHING compared to what my parents are experiencing in WI…they have been having single digit temps with below zero for windchill…I am GLAD I am not experiencing that!)  Dinner was Cheeseburger Salad…our fave!

And now I’m doing my languages and some organizing on the computer.  Kimm is starting to feel a little better so I really hope that continues.  She’s SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED!  She was able to do the laundry today and she said it made her feel more human 🙂

We’ll have an episode of Parenthood before bed (love that show) and then my last night of sleeping at night time for a while!


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