Hopefully not.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I woke up today again feeling a little sniffly.  And as the day has progressed, I just feel like I MAY be getting sick.  But HOPEFULLY NOT.

I took an allergy pill.  I’m going to up my Vit C again.  I’m going to stay as stress free as I can.  I’m going to try to rest as much as I can (when I’m working continuously!)

But I only have two more on including tonight.

In good news…Kimm is finally feeling better!!!!!!!!

She actually joined Izzy and me on our walk, which was so nice.

Dinner was really good (homemade pizza).

I took a HOT shower and am under a warm blanket right now so I feel super comfy!

Next up…Parenthood and a nap before heading in.


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