The storm that wasn’t…

Sunday, January 23, 2016

Well, our storm turned out to be barely anything…a coating really.

I had gotten up yesterday to go on our walk before dinner and heading out to Northampton for the drag show.  As we were walking, it had started to snow, so I wasn’t sure what would happen.

By the time we left, there was less than half an inch on the ground, but it was still coming down.  As we drove towards Holyoke, there was a point that we crossed on the highway where it just STOPPED snowing.  CRAZY.  Then there was no snow at all.  In Northampton…no snow!

After the show (which was GREAT!!!), we headed home and were surprised to see that there was really no more accumulation in our area.

Today was a sunny day so pretty much anything that was on the ground melted.

So our “blizzard” was a bust…okay by me!!

Today was SO NICE.

First of all, I loved just having my breakfast and reading my book.  Seriously, makes me SO happy.

Then I puttered around, organizing some stuff and putting a few things away that had become tabletop clutter.

Then Kimm came up with the great idea of having appetizers for lunch and watching the Netflix movie that we have had for about 4 months…so that’s what we did!  The movie was Gone Girl and I really liked it…up to the end…I did NOT like the ending!  I’ll have to re-read the book again to see how closely they coincided.

Dinner was tortellini soup…always good.

And now I’m about to have a snack, watch a Parenthood, and take my nap before heading in to work.  Only three on for this stretch!


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