Uneventful Leap Year…

Monday, February 29, 2016

WHERE did February go????


Today went by WAY too fast.  We were up by 8 am and then I read while eating breakfast, caught up on the second episode of Survivor, and then showered to get ready to go for my CPR hands-on testing which was at noon.

I left about 11:30 am and as soon as I opened the door I saw that it was starting to rain…good thing I grabbed the umbrella hanging by the door because on my drive to Holyoke, it started to REALLY come down.  I had to use the umbrella to walk to the part of the hospital I needed to get to…and I still got wet!

The CPR stuff went pretty good.  I don’t know why, but I ALWAYS get nervous for demonstrating information like that.  I’m just glad it’s done for another two years!

I headed back home and we ate lunch.  Which was followed by a short nap 🙂

Then we headed back out, back to Holyoke again.  This time we headed to our eye place.  Kimm told them about the area on her lens that looked like scratches.  Turns out that it is because there is too much pressure on the lens (it was cut to fit the frame, but it probably was pushed into the frame and if there is too much pressure it cracks).  They were very nice about it…and are just going to order a new lens.  Then I asked about my glasses…first of all about the thickness of the glasses…turns out that because my frames are bigger, less of the lenses are cut off so more of the thicker outer part of the lenses are visible.  So no way to change that.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.  Second, she did adjust them and when I left they felt pretty good.  The best thing is that they open at 9 am in the morning.  So I’m going to wear them at work tonight and see how they feel…if I feel they need any adjustment, then I’ll stop there after work.  About the only thing that is kind of driving me crazy right now is that they keep slipping down my nose…but my old glasses did that too…but I may try to get that adjusted.

We had veggie burgers for dinner and I roasted up some potatoes with it…but I put some dill mixture on the potatoes and even though the flavoring was good, there was a lot of spice/heat to it…not sure what that was about??

Thankfully the chocolate after dinner helped temper that!

And now I’m writing blogs, making our last batch of Chex Mix (a half batch…with not all the proper ratio of ingredients…but hopefully it will taste okay!), and then we’ll watch an episode of Parenthood before I head into work.

Tonight is my first of four.  Crossing my fingers it is as uneventful as today.


Catching up on stuff…

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today I just needed to get a bunch of stuff done…and FORTUNATELY I did.

Here’s what got done:

–finished my online CPR (so I can print out the certificate and take it with me to the hands-on portion of my CPR testing tomorrow)

–changed the bed sheets (and washed the old ones) and dusted the bedroom and swept the bedroom floor (there was enough hair on that floor to make another Izzy!)

–cut and painted my toenails (just wanted to do it…project not cutting too much around the sides of my nails is going pretty good…but boy do toenails take a long time to grow)

–cut the cat’s nails…sounded like they were walking with high heels!

–took Izzy for a walk

–organized the pics from last night’s Maim drag show (and posted them to FB…and organized them on a folder on the computer…and uploaded them to Shutterfly….WHO AM I??)

That’s about it.  Doesn’t sound like a lot when it’s written out but it sure was a lot. I’m glad it’s done.

Plan for tonight…popcorn and watching the movie Cinderella!

Maim That Tune: Drag Battle

Saturday, February 27,2016

My one night on was busy!  Especially at the end.  But the best part was…it was only one night!

Home to sleep, walk Izzy, shower, eat dinner, and then get ready to go to Northampton for Maim That Tune!

It was SUCH a great show!!!!  Team Mia vs. Team Loo.  Two teams of drag performers vying for top prize of $500….it was a close one too…but Team Loo did win (47-42).   BTW — I voted for Team Loo, Kimm voted for Team Mia.

Both teams had exceptional numbers…but I especially loved the cowboy/damsel number and the Wizard of Oz number (both by Team Loo).  But honestly, it was probably the best show I’ve been to…tons of creativity!

We were home by about midnight I think and then we had to eat something before bed…peanut butter English muffins to the rescue 🙂

WHAT a fun night!!!

New glasses…not quite yet.

Friday, February 26, 2016

I finally got to talk to my parents today!  It had been quite a while.  I’m happy now that I feel a little more caught up with what is going on with them.

This afternoon we headed out to Holyoke to pick up our new glasses.  Of course once we tried them on we had to have a few adjustments made…I’m SOOOO picky about how my glasses feel and I’ve had MANY uncomfortable pairs of glasses.

We both left, feeling pretty happy.  I LOVED how Kimm’s new glasses looked on her 🙂  I wasn’t too sure how I was liking mine…although I remember seeing the pictures I took of myself on my iPhone and I really liked them…it’s just that these new glasses are so much bigger (lens-wise).

Anyways, we got home, took our walk (it was FREEZING…lots of wind too!)  As we were settling in, doing our languages on the computer, I could tell that they glasses were pinching a bit behind my left ear, and feeling like they were digging in on the bridge of my nose.  When I looked in the mirror, there was a spot on my nose from where the glasses were falling down.  I could just feel that the glasses themselves were much heavier than my old glasses.  That’s when I started looking at them and they were QUITE thick lens-wise.  Which is weird because I had paid the extra money for the thin lenses.  I even looked at my other glasses and they didn’t have ANY lens sticking out from the frames.  Weird!!!  Kimm looked at them too and she thought that was strange too.  Big sigh.

And then with Kimm’s glasses…hers need to be adjusted too…they are causing some major indentations on the side of her head by her ear.  But even worse, there is a spot on her left lens that looks like a big smudge, or like lots of little scratches.  Another big sigh.

So our plan is to head out to the eye place on Monday to have them looked at/adjusted.  I know this is probably a normal thing, but I’m kind of frustrated.  These glasses were not inexpensive and I would hate not loving my new glasses.

So right now I have on my old pair and they are MUCH more comfortable.  I’ll post an update on Monday.

I do have to work tonight…but only one night!!

Belated Birthday Celebrations…

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What a busy day!

We were able to head out the door by 11 am to head to Famous Footwear.  I had bought some shoes online and of course they did not fit.  When will I learn??!!  🙂

So while we were there we both looked and I was lucky enough to find two additional pairs of shoes (one pair of Nike sneakers, and a pair of Sketchers cool-looking shoes…I don’t know how to describe them!)  Anyways, they were both 10% off because I was returning the other pair of shoes!!!  Score!  Unfortunately Kimm did not find any shoes 😦

Then we headed over to Target mostly to just pick up some more face soap.  They were out of ours last time we went and we had to pick up something else (same brand, but for sensitive skin, thinking it wouldn’t be all that different…well it was HORRIBLE…didn’t suds up, felt like there was grease on your face, and then wouldn’t rinse off!).  So when we were in the store, OF COURSE they were OUT again.  Seriously Target, you are really letting us down.  But, I did see our soap in a three pack with moisturizer and toner…which we use anyway, so we did pick that up.  But we are definitely going to have to find another place to stock up on that face soap.  We got some more stuff too…some of the fun stuff was a bird figurine for our living room made of metal, three tank tops for me (on sale), and ice cream (SALE!)

We came home and pretty much just got ready to go over to Kimm’s parents house to celebrate my birthday, her birthday and her father’s birthday.  We ordered pizza and then we headed out.  We had just picked up the pizza when we realized that we forgot her father’s card.  We had to head back since no one else had bought him a card!  So even though we were going to be on time, we made ourselves late.  But after we got there it was a lot of fun…we ate pizza, we talked, we opened gifts.  I got some lotion, a knitting needle holder that Kimm’s mom had made for me, another season of Little House on the Prairie.  Kimm got a pair of sneakers, a few CDs, and a lab print from Etsy.  Her dad got a gift certificate for his geneology online and two sweatshirts.  Then we ate cake!  (lemon with cream cheese frosting).

After that we just continued talking and I showed Kimm’s mom the baby blanket I was working on, but as I was doing a few stitches, I dropped a few stitches….and with knitting it is really hard to correct that!  But her mom helped me but after she got it all right I noticed that I had made a mistake from the very beginning so I had to rip the whole thing out anyways…bummer.  I may have to do an easier pattern for this blanket!

At one point I got very sleepy and pretty much fell asleep while everyone was talking…the sounds of everyone’s voices just lulled me to sleep!  It was shortly after that that we gathered up our stuff and headed home.

Getting into bed sure was nice that night!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So the 3 inches of snow, followed by the freezing rain that was supposed to happen…NOPE!  Thank goodness.  Instead it is just raining.  Which is fine by me 🙂

My last night on at work was pretty uneventful.  I was feeling pretty darn tired about 4:30 am, but then a CERT call happened and it got me through!  I stopped at Stop and Shop on the way home and was in bed by 9:30!

The scale was good to me today!!!!  I’m just super excited because I’m at a weight I haven’t seen in a LONG time.  And the best thing…I’m not really forcing anything…I still eat chocolate.  I eat when I’m hungry.  I’m not exercising like crazy.  Would I like the weight to come off faster?  Yep.  But I don’t know if I can sustain any crazy diet in order to do that.  I guess my older age makes me less willing to sacrifice some stuff 🙂

Anyways…leftover tacos for dinner…yumm!

And then a nap…

When I got up and finished with the dishes I made the decision to clean the tub tonight.  It is my day of the week to do it but I REALLY didn’t feel like doing it.  BUT…once I got going, playing some music and scrubbing…it only took a little over 20 minutes.  And it looked so good.  And it’s DONE for another week!  So that makes me happy.  I would NOT have wanted to do it tomorrow.

And now I’m showered and ready for a show before bed.

I’m just looking forward to eating breakfast tomorrow morning…a relaxed morning.  It’s the little things 🙂

Disappearing day…

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I can’t believe it is already 8:45 pm.  This day went by WAY too fast.

It really wasn’t too much different than any other day.  Up at 4 pm, walk (snowing big fluffy flakes…we are expected to get about three inches and then freezing rain…ugh!).  Then I did my French and Spanish, made dinner (TACOS!!), we ate and only watched ONE episode of The Brady Bunch.  I think where all the time got lost was in my after dinner rest — that was about two hours!!  But it felt so good — and needed.  Dishes, shower and now my blog.

I’m on my last night on.  I hope it goes well.

FULL moon!

Monday, February 22, 2016

You could definitely tell that it was a full moon yesterday at work.  It was CRAZY busy.  My beeper was going off pretty much non-stop, there were two CERT calls, I must have started about 4 IVs, and I walked A LOT.

I didn’t even get a chance to go back to my office until about 6:15.  I scarfed down my food while writing up my final report.

When I finally left the building I breathed a sigh of relief.  When I stepped inside the house and took off my shoes my feet breathed a sigh of relief 🙂

Bed was very much appreciated and I slept really good for once.

The walk was good — sunny.  Most of the snow has melted.

Pizza for dinner…easy to make and easy to clean up.  My fave.

After dinner I did Day 1 of 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne again and it was awesome.  It just felt so amazing to stretch my body.  I need more of that I think.  And less of FB (time suck).

Now I’ve taken my shower, done a row of knitting and am about to sit down with a snack and watch Parenthood.

I’m just crossing my fingers that work is not NEARLY as tiring as it was yesterday…



Drag Brunch: One Year Anniversary!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

FIRST of all, WHERE did this month go??  HOW can it already be the 21st???

Okay, enough of me whining about the increasingly fast passing of time 🙂

Today was a good day!

We were up early because we had Drag Brunch today.  Unfortunately Kimm did not sleep very well…I guess I was snoring QUITE loud last night!  The funny thing is…I didn’t feel like I slept that well either.

Oh well…at least there was coffee and toast for us!

And then after breakfast, I was DEL FUEGO….I washed the dishes, swept the downstairs floors, and then cleaned the downstairs small bath.  Woo-woo!!! I LOVE when you just feel like you can get a lot done and then you actually DO!

We got to Drag Brunch and got a good seat.  It was our ONE YEAR anniversary 🙂

Brunch was pretty good — French toast, roasted potatoes, a muffin, a cookie and two cups of coffee.  I would have gotten a drink, but not for $9!

The show itself was good — all of the performers had new acts which makes it a lot of fun…and two of them were just so creative…I love that part about it!

We didn’t get home until after 4 and then quickly took Izzy for a walk since we abandoned her all day… she of course was in her glory…sniffing everything in sight 🙂

Dinner was something easy…cheesy pasta.  Always hits the spot.  Followed by a nap on the couch…

And now I’m getting ready for that nap.  I’m on for three starting tonight.  Crossing my fingers they will all be uneventful.

The return of game night…

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I LOVE full days off 🙂

Time for house cleaning catch up (vacuuming today), un-rushed meetings (finance), crafts (starting knitting a baby blanket!!), and FUN (GAME NIGHT!)

We decided earlier in the week that we wanted to do a game night on one of my nights off and tonight was it!  We played Smart Ass and King’s Crowns (a new card game that I got for us for Christmas).  They were both a lot of fun.  We drank wine, we laughed, we munched on popcorn, we got a little competitive (in a friendly manner), we popped M&M’s, we laughed some more, we did more talking than we usually do…and it was NICE 🙂

We’ll DEFINITELY have to fit more of those in.