Saturday, February 6, 2016

We went out to a party today.

I definitely can’t say that very often 🙂

The drag shows that we’ve been attending are hosted by Hors, a fantastically funny and entertaining drag queen.  In real life, she/he is a grad student who just defended his Master’s Thesis.  Since this fell around the time that he was having his birthday, he decided to combine the two events and celebrate with lots of people.  We were lucky enough to get invites!

The party began at 9 pm — awfully late for us old fogies.  AND it was in Northampton, so we had quite a drive to get there.


We brought along homemade Chex Mix to add to the food table and some wine and Bud Light Lime to add to the alcohol table.

We had a good time.  For the most part there was a lot of people watching because there were SO MANY PEOPLE there.  But we love to people watch, so that was no problem!

Still, the best part was getting home and hopping into bed…


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