An even colder day…

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Temp = 1 degree with windchill -15!!!!

Now that’s chilly!

No walk today…with the wind, it would have been brutal. Instead I took Izzy outside to do her business and we were back inside within 5 minutes…even she was cold…she SPRINTED to the door 🙂

The furnace is working extra hard today and we appreciate it!

Leftover lasagna for dinner…but it was fair…I have to say, leftovers rarely are as good as the first meal.

We finished The Facts of Life yesterday…I HATED the way they ended the show.  So tonight we started in on The Brady Bunch.  Hard to believe that show started airing in 1969!

Now I’m about to do my yoga (which I’m really not looking forward to because I know I’ll be cold at first).  But the feeling when I’m done will be great and I just have to think…hot shower!

I’m in for 10 pm tonight so it’s a little more tight with time.  Only two more on!


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