Sunday, February 14, 2016

It was a quiet Valentine’s Day around here with me in the middle of a work cycle and therefore sleeping the day away…

But it was still a day to celebrate 🙂

I stopped at The Donut Dip on the way home and surprised Kimm with donuts — they were SO good — a sugared jelly-filled and a yeast glazed for each of us!

Our cards for each other don the coffee table.

We have the excitement of new yoga mats and coffee and dessert while watching the sunset at Tavern on the Hill to look forward to…

Dinner was not at a fancy restaurant, but simple tacos at home while watching The Brady Bunch.

No fancy chocolates…just a couple of small Twix bars to sweeten the palette.

No night on the town…just some homemade popcorn while watching an episode of Parenthood.

No night to snuggle on the couch…just a quick goodbye before I headed to work.

But it didn’t matter…my Valentine is with me every day and I’m so grateful.



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