Third code.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It was another busy night at work.  There was another code, in ICU, my third of the year.  The patient did not survive.  But he was full of cancer and the end was near.  Then, towards morning time, a room in the birthing center flooded because a patient turned on the water for a shower and then fell back to sleep.  That water seeped through the ceiling into the OR below, right into the supply room where a lot of sterile stuff got ruined.  THANK GOODNESS I was on with my co-supervisor.  It definitely made the night go a lot smoother.

And now I only have to work tonight before having two more off 🙂

Today was sunny and clear and we finally got to take Izzy on a walk.  She was so happy.

And I cleaned the tub again today.  I have to say I have been doing EXCELLENT with that chore this year.  I have cleaned it weekly since January 1st!!  And every week it looks just a little bit cleaner 🙂

I just performed minor surgery on my big toe (I’m having an ingrown toenail situation that hopefully will get better soon), so it is throbbing.

But some popcorn and an episode of Parenthood will make it all better I’m sure.


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