New glasses…not quite yet.

Friday, February 26, 2016

I finally got to talk to my parents today!  It had been quite a while.  I’m happy now that I feel a little more caught up with what is going on with them.

This afternoon we headed out to Holyoke to pick up our new glasses.  Of course once we tried them on we had to have a few adjustments made…I’m SOOOO picky about how my glasses feel and I’ve had MANY uncomfortable pairs of glasses.

We both left, feeling pretty happy.  I LOVED how Kimm’s new glasses looked on her 🙂  I wasn’t too sure how I was liking mine…although I remember seeing the pictures I took of myself on my iPhone and I really liked them…it’s just that these new glasses are so much bigger (lens-wise).

Anyways, we got home, took our walk (it was FREEZING…lots of wind too!)  As we were settling in, doing our languages on the computer, I could tell that they glasses were pinching a bit behind my left ear, and feeling like they were digging in on the bridge of my nose.  When I looked in the mirror, there was a spot on my nose from where the glasses were falling down.  I could just feel that the glasses themselves were much heavier than my old glasses.  That’s when I started looking at them and they were QUITE thick lens-wise.  Which is weird because I had paid the extra money for the thin lenses.  I even looked at my other glasses and they didn’t have ANY lens sticking out from the frames.  Weird!!!  Kimm looked at them too and she thought that was strange too.  Big sigh.

And then with Kimm’s glasses…hers need to be adjusted too…they are causing some major indentations on the side of her head by her ear.  But even worse, there is a spot on her left lens that looks like a big smudge, or like lots of little scratches.  Another big sigh.

So our plan is to head out to the eye place on Monday to have them looked at/adjusted.  I know this is probably a normal thing, but I’m kind of frustrated.  These glasses were not inexpensive and I would hate not loving my new glasses.

So right now I have on my old pair and they are MUCH more comfortable.  I’ll post an update on Monday.

I do have to work tonight…but only one night!!


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