Uneventful Leap Year…

Monday, February 29, 2016

WHERE did February go????


Today went by WAY too fast.  We were up by 8 am and then I read while eating breakfast, caught up on the second episode of Survivor, and then showered to get ready to go for my CPR hands-on testing which was at noon.

I left about 11:30 am and as soon as I opened the door I saw that it was starting to rain…good thing I grabbed the umbrella hanging by the door because on my drive to Holyoke, it started to REALLY come down.  I had to use the umbrella to walk to the part of the hospital I needed to get to…and I still got wet!

The CPR stuff went pretty good.  I don’t know why, but I ALWAYS get nervous for demonstrating information like that.  I’m just glad it’s done for another two years!

I headed back home and we ate lunch.  Which was followed by a short nap 🙂

Then we headed back out, back to Holyoke again.  This time we headed to our eye place.  Kimm told them about the area on her lens that looked like scratches.  Turns out that it is because there is too much pressure on the lens (it was cut to fit the frame, but it probably was pushed into the frame and if there is too much pressure it cracks).  They were very nice about it…and are just going to order a new lens.  Then I asked about my glasses…first of all about the thickness of the glasses…turns out that because my frames are bigger, less of the lenses are cut off so more of the thicker outer part of the lenses are visible.  So no way to change that.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.  Second, she did adjust them and when I left they felt pretty good.  The best thing is that they open at 9 am in the morning.  So I’m going to wear them at work tonight and see how they feel…if I feel they need any adjustment, then I’ll stop there after work.  About the only thing that is kind of driving me crazy right now is that they keep slipping down my nose…but my old glasses did that too…but I may try to get that adjusted.

We had veggie burgers for dinner and I roasted up some potatoes with it…but I put some dill mixture on the potatoes and even though the flavoring was good, there was a lot of spice/heat to it…not sure what that was about??

Thankfully the chocolate after dinner helped temper that!

And now I’m writing blogs, making our last batch of Chex Mix (a half batch…with not all the proper ratio of ingredients…but hopefully it will taste okay!), and then we’ll watch an episode of Parenthood before I head into work.

Tonight is my first of four.  Crossing my fingers it is as uneventful as today.


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