Just one hour less makes a difference.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Work was quite busy last night.  I didn’t get a break until after 6 am!  But at least it went by fast.  I have a feeling that tonight could be busy as well because the new monitors on IMC are supposed to go live today.  But then again, they said that they were supposed to go live yesterday and they didn’t.  So we shall see.

A WINDY day.  Could really feel it on the walk.

Good news, kind of…Kimm doesn’t feel any WORSE than she did yesterday.  Thankfully she just rested today.  Hopefully her body will be able to fight off this cold soon.

Pizza for dinner with Brady Bunch.  We finally got to the episodes that I don’t remember watching here.  So that means whatever ones I recognize from now on out will be ones I watched in my youth 🙂

Got the tub clean…going strong with that goal.

Shower done and now just doing some stuff on the computer before I get ready to go in.  I’m going in for 10 pm tonight and boy just having one less hour in the day really does make a difference.  I just FEEL more rushed with time.

The only good thing is…an hour of overtime!


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