Readjustments {again}

Monday, March 7, 2016

First night on was very busy…two CERT calls combined with general Sunday into Monday busyness! But at least it made the night fly by.

Today went by fast too.  I got up early at 3:30 pm so that we could take our walk earlier (it was nice out…only had to wear a sweater and my vest!).  After that we headed out to our eye place again to get our glasses adjusted — AGAIN.  This time we were smart…we called ahead of time to make sure that the person we liked the best (and who we felt did the best job) was on…thankfully she was so we made the trek.  Over an hour later, our glasses are much better.  Of course we’ll have to see how they are over the next few days to see how they REALLY feel.  But at least neither of ours are falling down our noses AS MUCH.  I don’t think I have ever had so many issues with my glasses fitting before…it is so frustrating.

Once we got home, dinner was made — “chicken” parm with broccoli.  It tasted SO good…probably because I was so hungry!

And now I’ve showered, need to do my languages, and then a snack and nap before work.

I feel kind of rushed today, which I hate.


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