Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Well, WordPress is not letting me have a title today!!  ???

My title would have been…”tired and wearing my old glasses!”

Yep, I had to revert to wearing my old glasses because the new adjustments on my new glasses were hurting my ears SO much.  THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING.  Now I’ll have to go back again…this time I may have to take advantage of the 90 day policy they told me about…you can return your frames, get new ones, just pay the difference, as long as it is within 90 days of purchase.  I think the frames I got are just too thick, and therefore too heavy???

I’m also very tired.  I stopped at Price Rite after work to shop and by the time I got to bed this morning it was pretty late.  And I’m just tired from not getting enough sleep.  I am so glad that I only have one more night on, then two off!

The weather was GORGEOUS today…62!!!  Able to take the walk with just a long sleeved t-shirt!  And tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer 🙂  Spring is definitely on its way!!



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