Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WHY do days off go by so fast???

Today we finally made it out to BJ’s again.  Somehow we always dislike going there.  This time the actual shopping wasn’t too bad (although they did not have the small dog bones we normally get there…looks like they might not carry them anymore which would not be good since they were such a good price and with good ingredients AND Izzy loved them…also they did not have a sale item that Kimm was going to look at — a record player — WHY does a store not have the item that is on sale??)

Anyways, the most annoying part of the whole trip was checking out.  Somehow we ALWAYS choose the wrong line.  There were only two people in front of us and yet we were in line for 20 minutes!!!!! WHAT!!!!  That is just insane.  Turns out that the cashier was as slow as molasses.  I mean, I have a lot of patience, but even I was getting frustrated.

When we finally got out to the parking lot, we were so happy to leave.

The worst thing about that place is that we PAY to shop there!!!  We have got to find a better place to find some good deals on some of these items.

Anyways, homeward bound we were.  And then lunch because we were so hungry (veggie burgers and fries).  And then the nicest nap ever 🙂

Followed by a walk for Izzy…it was damp out, slightly misty, but she still loved it!

Dinner tonight was avocado pasta followed by a lot of dishes.

Now I’m just getting ready to nap again before work…I’m on for three.


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