New glasses (second time)

Friday, March 18, 2016

I made it through my last night on…it was another busy one.  I have a feeling that they are all going to be busy from now on.

Sleep was nice, just not long enough!  I got up early so we could get on the walk and then go pick up my new glasses.  Of course, right when we walked out the door it started sprinkling.  I didn’t want to get wet before going out so back inside we came.

It was weird weather-wise on the drive to get my glasses…bright and sunny in some areas, dark and gloomy and rainy in others.

So my new pair of glasses fit pretty good.  For one thing they do NOT slide down my nose which makes me SO happy!!  The only thing that may have to be adjusted (now that I’ve been wearing them for about 4 hours) is that they dig a little into my head, so maybe a LITTLE less tight.  I’m going to see how they are tomorrow.  If I need to get them adjusted I might have to run out tomorrow because otherwise the next day I could go is Monday and we are supposed to be getting a bunch of snow that day and I’m working so it probably won’t be the best day to do it.  But who knows…maybe that tight-feeling will go away???

We got pizza out for dinner…simple and SO tasty.  A nice nap after dinner…but I’m still tired and ready for bed.

Now we’re going to watch a Parenthood and snack…then BED!!!!


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