More out and about…

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today was a busy, busy, busy day, but also a fun, fun, fun day 🙂

I was able to squeeze in a yoga workout before heading out the door.

We left the house about 11:30 am and hit the mall (for A.C. Moore — to find some things for our Easter baskets — cute birdhouses and paint for Kimm, and yarn for me!, we also went to Hallmark to see if they had any cute spring decor…but nothing, then finally to Target for a few odds and ends that we couldn’t find at the Target in Enfield).  After all those stores we ate some pretzel bites for nourishment!

And then we headed out to Barnes and Noble to just look around…we both got a stack of books, then got our coffees (a Vanilla Bean Frappacino for Kimm and a Carmalized Honey Latte for me…with a Peanut Butter Cookie to share!)  SO MUCH FUN…just relaxing.

We came home, took Izzy for a walk, and then we were out the door to meet up with Kimm’s parents…they had invited us over for a meal and game night.

Kimm’s mom made lasagna! (vegetarian with alfredo sauce for us, meat with marina sauce for them…as well as some cheesy broccoli soup and garlic bread…it was yummy!)

We did the dishes and then played some Smart Ass and Five Crowns.  There was a lot of laughing going on….the only down side of the night was that Izzy peed on their carpet…not sure why…probably she needed to go out and we didn’t realize it…she drank about THREE bowls of water while we were over there….CRAZY.

Got home very late….after midnight and bed felt SO GOOD.


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