Getting out

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I actually spent my one night off away from home…which is highly unusual for a homebody such as myself 🙂

We were invited to a co-worker’s friend’s graduation party — she got her BSN in nursing.  Quite an accomplishment.  It was held at our friend’s house in Holyoke.  Even though we were both kind of like, “ugh…we have to go out…” it turned out to be a REALLY good time.

Lots of laughs which is what we both really needed.



Friday, April 29, 2016

I didn’t sleep well today.  So now I’m tired.  Thank goodness only one more night on….then one off.  The end of this tough work week is nearing.

1st Mowing of the Season

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kimm was finally able to mow the lawn today…the mower worked!!!!  It looks really nice.  A few more mowings and the meadow of flowers that attract the bumblebees will be gone!

An overcast day today.  The walk was good.

Dinner was Cheeseburg Salad…yumm!

My stomach was making quite the variety of noises while we were resting after dinner…we were laughing a lot 🙂

Did an arm workout even though I didn’t feel like it…some things you just got to do.

Now showered and ready to watch Parenthood in a few minutes…I can’t wait to see how the show is going to end…but I’m so sad it’s going to end…I’ve come to really love the characters in that show.

WI plane ticket bought

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My last semi-full day off is done…

I was able to finally purchase my plane tickets for my vacation to WI next month!

We did a brief finance meeting.  I knitted and read.

Took a walk today since it was sunny (the ankle is improving but not 100% yet…one week since the fall).

Homemade pizza for dinner.  Tub cleaned.

Now relaxing before starting my three days on.

A GREAT day off.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today was such a great day.

Slept in…

Breakfast at the table while reading…

A hot shower…

DWTS while knitting…

Our first movie at the new Agawam theater (The Boss)…

Leftover pizza while watching Chopped…

A glorious after dinner nap….

Comfy clothes…

Not having to think about going back to work tonight…

Parenthood (2 new to us episodes!!!) and ice cream to come…

Bed again…


I made it!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

SIX days…done!

And thank goodness.  My feet are killing me.

Today we went over to Kimm’s parents house to celebrate her brother’s and her mom’s birthdays.

We had pizza and fries for dinner.  And then afterwards, while everyone was talking, I took a nap. The exhaustion just took over.

When I woke up I was so embarrassed.  But there was nothing I could do…when sleep comes, it’s hard to fight off.

I took a No-Doze and did some knitting to keep awake during the present opening.  The cake was good — lemon.  And I also had some peppermint ice cream — refreshing.

Home by 11:30 pm and off to bed.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

I swear that mower is out to get us.

I woke up about 2 pm when Kimm came into the bedroom…I could tell she was upset.  I said, “what’s wrong?” and then she told me that the mower (the one that we JUST brought back to have the wheels adjusted) is not working because one of the wheels on the back is just dangling!!!!!!  WHAT???!!!

Of course it is Sunday and the place is not open.

Of course this is the day that Kimm planned to mow because it was cool and we are expecting rain on Tuesday.

Of course she had already spent 2 hours picking up all the sticks from the yard (4 bags full).


I’m BEYOND frustrated.

The plan is for Kimm to bring the mower back on Monday and she is going to tell them it needs to be fixed that day so she can mow that day (or they need to give us a good replacement one for the first mow).

We shall see.

Now…last night at work was CRAZY.  First night of the new scheduling and of course there were issues…people showing up who weren’t expected mostly (a better problem to have I guess).  A few sick calls so that gave me practice putting them out sick.  There are definitely some glitches to the system that will have to be worked out.

But the birthing unit…it was just so busy.  Four labors…four births…2 of them C. sections…one down in the main OR so the OR team needed to be called in.

My feet were SO sore when I left.

ONLY ONE MORE NIGHT OFF BEFORE TWO OFF!!!!!  (can you tell I’m excited)

Back on a walk!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Work was pretty good…the ER was CRAZY busy…but they had done so many admissions on 3p-11p (17 to IMC alone!!!) that there wasn’t much room for more admits overnight (lack of staffing too).  I was glad to head on out.  Tomorrow morning (Sunday) is when the new API scheduling software goes live.  I hope it all goes well.

When I woke up from my sleep it was absolutely gorgeous out…sunny and breezy.  My ankle felt good so I went on a walk — and no issues!  The only part that still feels a little weird is the back part (just kind of tight).  I’m sure with continued movement and soft stretching it will be back to normal in a week or two…thank goodness!

Dinner was easy…veggie burgers and fries.  I go in for 10 pm tonight so I went up and did a quick arm workout, then put away the clothes that Kimm washed today (she did three loads…del fuego!), and then showered.

Only 2 more days left…I’m on the downward swing 🙂


Friday, April 22, 2016

A loud thunderstorm woke me up from my slumber today.  It was pouring!  Kimm said it came out of nowhere.

Of course that meant we didn’t see our poor dog for quite a while….she was hiding out in her safe spot in the basement.

Last night was another busy night at the hospital.  Three CERT calls, a few employees in the ED injured when a crisis patient started punching.  I was glad to leave!

Heading in tonight for 4 of 6.  I’m halfway done.

I’m showered and ready to watch Survivor!  The ankle continues to improve.  Currently: less swollen, less painful to walk, icing every night.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Well, my ankle is feeling much better today.  I made it through the night.  I was able to ice it in ICU and get an air brace from the ED.  I walked as little as possible.

When I woke up, the swelling was down and my range of motion was improved.  I skipped the walk with Izzy just as a precaution.

I slept SO GOOD today.  Four hours straight with minimal tossing and turning 🙂

Tacos for dinner…a favorite.

Now I’m showered and ready to watch Parenthood.  Tonight will be my third night on.