Tuesday, April 5, 2016

For some reason I feel CRANKY today.   Hormones??


Anyway, work was okay.  I stopped at the grocery store after work for a few essentials.

Home and in bed by 9:15 ish but no sleep until about 10 am.

Kimm had a follow-up with her dentist today about the filling he did about a month ago (maybe more).  He was able to correct the bite, fix some of the sensitivity and file away a bit more space between the teeth for floss.  I am crossing my fingers that Kimm feels better.  I empathize with tooth issues!

Leftovers for dinner (enchiladas) — love how easy this makes dinner.  We’re now watching The Wonder Years.

I got frustrated with Izzy…took her out after the dishes to pee….she would not pee.  That made me VERY suspicious and so I looked in the basement and there was a HUGE puddle of pee.  Super UGH.  Not what I wanted to be cleaning up.  I think we’re going to have to start taking her out another time…before dinner.

I tried to escape my mood with arm weights and yoga…helped a bit but I’m still in a funk.

It doesn’t help that my face is broken out and I feel fat.

See, what did I tell you!!??  I’m in a mood.

The good thing…tomorrow is a new day…AND tonight is my last night on!

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