Up and Down.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

That DARN scale.  My weight loss journey this year has been an up and down progression.  I lost three last week, then gained two this week.  And that is nothing new.  When I look at the graph on my phone it is a jagged line.  They sure had it right when they said it’s harder to lose weight the older you get!  But at least the jagged line is SLOWLY making it’s way down.  I will continue…I have to.  My feet, ankles, knees…my whole body will benefit from every pound I lose.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

I will NOT give up.

Anyway, last night at work was good.  Nothing too strenuous at all — there were two of us on for supervisors so that helped.  The only bad part…getting tired.  4:30 am is my ROUGHEST time.

Kimm is not feeling so great.  Hopefully with rest she can fight off whatever bug she has.  The walk was gorgeous.  Dinner was good (pizza…it’s becoming a Wednesday thing!) and then cleaning the tub.  I even branched out and cleaned the walls over the tub…now talk about a job that has been put off for a while.  GROSS.  But so much  better now.

Only two more nights on then FOUR off.  (I switched with my co-supervisor because she needed a day off later in the week…of course that means I’ll be working SIX in a row after the four off…I’m trying not to think of that yet!)


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