Game night.

Friday, April 15, 2016

My first night OFF!!!

The timing was a little tight, but we made it over to Kimm’s parent’s house for game night by 5:30 pm.

I was up by 3:30 pm and by 3:45 pm we were on the walk.  Back home for a quick shower and languages.  Oh yeah, and I made a quick batch of Rice Crispy treats for a dessert/snack.

Dinner was simple, but good — spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.  Followed by a few mini Snickers bars!

After dinner Kimm and her dad watched some baseball and chatted while Kimm’s mom helped me with a knitting issue I had (it pretty much involved me needing to undo several rows, and then put the stitches back on the needles — let’s just say it was a little stressful and not much fun).

Finally at about 9:30 we were ready to start playing a game.  We played Sequence which we all loved.  It’s a game of luck and strategy (you work with a partner to create sequences of 5 on a board — the sequences consist of card faces that you draw from a deck — there are also some wild cards that allow you to put down a marker anywhere or remove an opponent’s marker).  The teams were Kimm and her dad against me and Kimm’s mom.  We are all quite competitive so it was a lively time.  We played five hands — we had each won two, so the tie breaker was EXTRA competitive — my team won (but it was close!)

While playing we munched on some awesome snacks — Cheetos, chips and dip, brownies, Rice Crispy treats.  Seriously everything tasted so good and I’m sure I gained a couple of pounds just that night….but I guess you only live once.

It was good the game ended when it did because all of a sudden I got wicked tired.

We packed up and headed home.  It was a late night — we got home about midnight.

I would say it was a fun first night off!



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