Breezy and beautiful…

Monday, April 18, 2016

The last of my full days off…and it was a gorgeous one!

Sunny, breezy…it got up to 80 degrees!

I changed over the sheets in the bedroom and it was the perfect day to do it…with the wind blowing in the bedroom and the smell of fresh sheets ūüôā

We decided to go for the walk after dinner so it wasn’t too warm. ¬†So in the afternoon, I watched Survivor. ¬†This season is getting good!

Then dinner — Cheeseburg Salad…a favorite and it was yummy.

After dinner we did the walk and the breeze was just glorious.  And since the sun was not high in the sky it was just the perfect walk.

After the walk we decided to finally fix the wobbly fence (part of it had blown down the last really windy day).  Hopefully this will be the last time we have to fix that darn fence.  HOPEFULLY we will soon have a new fence.

Now I’m just sitting in the chair by the window with the wind blowing on my neck. ¬†It’s just the most wonderful feeling ever.

I wish I could capture this moment and experience it forever.


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