Hello May!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

WOW…another new month already.  CRAZY how fast time is flying by this year.

It was a relaxing and yet productive day for me…mostly non-relaxing and very productive day for Kimm.

I finished my book (The Nightengale…second time reading it and JUST as good…I was bawling my eyes out at the end…if you need a good cry…this book is for you).  I had a second cup of coffee and watched the latest episode of Survivor (LOVING this season so far).  After that I did the dishes, and cleaned that DARN kitchen counter top off again.  I am DETERMINED to keep that clean this month.  I even made a checklist for it!

That organization gave me impetus to clean out my work bag, my work lunch bag, my paper stash on the counter, delete some apps from my phone!

All this time Kimm was a little work bunny doing laundry.  She’s such a good one…a keeper 🙂

During the afternoon I cooked up some pumpkin seeds (1/2 salted, 1/2 sugar and cinnamon — for snacks this week).

No walk today because it was rainy so I did a yoga instead…loved the stretch.

Can’t wait to see what happens on Parenthood tonight!!!  Only three nights on and then TWO off!


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