Gathering info.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Finally SUN today!!!

Slept in and that felt wonderful…what was not wonderful was how achy and sore I was when I got up…this getting older stuff is for the birds.

Bagels with cream cheese for breakfast…a nice treat!

I was able to spend some time knitting and reading…I had a system…read a chapter, knit a row…over and over!

About 2 pm we headed out to check out the local shed store.  We got a bunch of information about how much a shed would potentially cost from them.  Turns out that for the size we are considering (10 x 14) it would be about $4000 on the low end (with them building it on site).  It could go up to close to $5000 with all the tweaks we like.

So now we will talk to the guy doing our fence to see what kind of deal he can offer us for the type of shed we are looking at.  I’m hoping he will have a much lower price.  It would be nice to get both the shed and the fence done at the same time.

Kimm wasn’t feeling too well when we got back from the store so she rested up on the couch while I took Izzy for a walk…beautiful day…sunny, breezy, not too hot.

Dinner was veggie burgers and fries. With a wonderful nap afterwards.

Our plan is to watch two episodes of Downton Abbey with some popcorn…love days off!!


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