Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wow, it hit into the 80s today.  Now that’s a little warm for me!

We held off on our walk tonight until AFTER dinner and that was SO MUCH better.  We walked at my favorite time of the night…just before dusk.  There was a beautiful breeze.  I just loved it.

Prior to the walk, we had a delicious dinner…pierogies, cooked up with onions, and broccoli on the side.  It was just SOO, SOO good tonight.  And then the last of the wonderful apple pie I made a day or two ago (really the best apple pie I have ever made…definitely making that again soon).

I was able to watch last week’s Survivor finally.  I can’t believe there are only five people left…I’ve really liked this season a lot.

Now I just have one more night of work…love that.  Last night was not too bad at all.  I did try to go and give blood after work and I was denied…my hemoglobin was too low…11.9 and it needed to be over 12.5.  Maybe I am slightly anemic and that is why I am always so cold and tired??  Anyway, I got a list of high iron foods to eat to bring it up.  I can try to donate again in two weeks, after my vacation home.

Time to close the curtains as it is DARK.  We’re starting with House of Cards tonight.  Finishing Downton Abbey last night was so sad…I LOVED the ending (also can’t wait to watch that from the beginning again as well).


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