First grill out of the season!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

An absolutely GORGEOUS day out…there was such a nice breeze…we had all the windows open enjoying it all day long.

I had such a nice, relaxing day…I loved it.

I was able to read at breakfast.  Then I knit while watching last weeks DWTS — so sad to see Kim Fields gone (I could tell she really was not happy about it).  Now I can’t wait to see next week…only SIX left.

Kimm was doing laundry all day…she was such a hard worker.

I painted my toenails 🙂

We had a surprise visit from old friends (I used to live by then when I first moved here and lived in Ware).  We had not seen them in about five years…they happened to be in the neighborhood and called to see if they could stop in…so glad they did.  Turns out they got married!!  They had been together for 21 years…just so, so happy for them.  Hopefully we’ll be able to see them a little bit more now.

And then we decided to do our first grill out of the season…we just couldn’t pass up on the beautiful day…especially since it’s supposed to rain for the next couple and I’m working for the next four…and then off to WI.

Food just always tastes better off the grill…loved those grilled veggie kabobs!

I just watched this week’s Survivor…so surprised to see Joe evacuated…and just like that we are at a Final Four…I can’t wait to see who is the Final Three!

We’re going to finish off the night with more ice cream and House of Cards.


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