Almost done.

Friday, June 3, 2016

So close and yet so far away!!

Meaning…our fence is ALMOST done.  Today was the third day and it was supposed to be finished but the guy doing it came late (turns out that he had an issue with another project).  But it WILL be finished tomorrow.

It looks SO good!

Other accomplishments today…

…dusted (SO MUCH dust and therefore a lot of sneezing on my end)

…finance meeting (finished May — saved approx $1200…not bad at all)

…watched Charlie enjoy these new couches…he LOVES them…has not been off them pretty much all day


…dishes of course

Tonight I’m back to work, thankfully for only two nights.

BTW…the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE.  I was outside for literally maybe three minutes tonight looking at the fence…one bite…plus I discovered three from yesterday.  Just one more reason I’m not an outside person.


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