I’m spent.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WHAT a busy day…but oh so productive.


1 — cleaned the entire porch…it is sitting-on-the-porch ready!  Kimm and I worked REALLY well as a team today — she did the vacuuming and I did the dusting.

2 — out to Calabrese Farms to pick out our flowers and vegetable plants — we choose some really nice flowers and the vegetable plants were very reasonably priced!

3 — planted our porch flowers (5 pots) and the two buckets by the side of the house (begonias this year), and the flowers in front of the mailbox (a mixture of purple salvia, yellow marigolds, and these pretty white ground flowers….it looks nice!)

In other news…the old fence was FINALLY picked up (and that was only with multiple text messages from Kimm to the fence guy).

After finishing with all the planting we were both so exhausted it was hard to even take showers.  But we did and after that we were starving….veggie grinders and fries from Parthenon…and they tasted SO good.

Now I’m actually going to go upstairs and take a nap because I am on with my co-supervisor tonight and if I don’t get a TRUE nap, I’m going to fall asleep on her tonight.

Hopefully my neck and back will feel better soon…both are sore as heck.


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