Garden: Part 2

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wow, those two days off went by SO fast.

Today we got out and planted the remainder of the garden.  Kimm worked on weeding and getting the excess dirt out of the old garden (leveling it since the wood around it rotted completely and was taken out).  While she did that I weeded out the fire pit and dug a hole in the center for the fire to be lower.  And then we planted — 6 pepper plants, green beans from seed, and two cucumber plants.

We also planted two pots of basil (yumm for lots of pesto!).

Lastly we put out some decorative lawn and porch items.  I LOVE how it all looks!

As usual…pics to follow (hopefully!)

After we both showered we ate our “big” meal of the day…taco salad…SO DARN GOOD!  Followed by ice cream…I love summer 🙂

And then to make a good day even better, I was able to Skype with my family!!  It’s so nice SEEING them when I talk to them.  This was Eric’s last weekend here so they were celebrating with a nice Sunday meal followed by a movie and pie!

And now, I’m preparing for my first night of work…boo!  Three on.

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