Thursday, June 16, 2016

My only FULL day off was spent shopping.

4 1/2 hours.

Old Navy — returns.  No purchases unfortunately….I just don’t like a lot of their style lately.

Kohl’s — a pair of Nike sneakers for me — $70 (kind of made me mad because we had a 20% off coupon but it didn’t apply to Nike).  Kimm got some shorts and t-shirts, but unfortunately, she didn’t like how many of them looked on her once she got them home and tried them on (even though the shorts were the EXACT same brand as ones she had gotten last year and really loved).

Famous Footwear — three pairs of shoes for me — 2 Nikes and one slip on Crocs.  Whoa, look at me spending the money.  But I’ve just realized that with my size feet, I need to buy when I see something I like.

Target — three tanks for me.

Geesh….shopping for clothes is getting more and more difficult.  I either don’t like what is out there or what is out there does not look good on me!

After all that shopping I was glad that we decided to get grinders out for dinner…easy, peasy.  And delicious!

Since we ate so late it was just relaxing after dinner…a Grace and Frankie for me and then bed!



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