Happy birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My mom turned 72 years old today!!

Happy, happy birthday Mom!!!!

I wish I was able to be with my mom on her birthday…she and my dad were going out to a movie (Me Before You…which coincidentally is the book I am reading right now!).

Instead of going to a movie with my mom and then baking her a cake…I did some weeding.  DEFINITELY not as much fun!

Weeds…they really do know how to grow and take over everything.  I weeded the entire side of the house (and took out a bush thing and the overgrown fern) while Kimm mowed.  Getting those two plants out took some SERIOUS muscle…there were times I was pulling at them with ALL of my body weight.  Geesh.  But now that they are out…oh man it looks SO good.

We are planning on planting yellow day lilies against that side of the house.

I still have to weed the front of the house…that will be another day in itself.

After weeding I was FILTHY…covered in dirt.  That shower felt marvelous.  And I was SO achy afterward.  That was quite the workout.

After weeding and showering, we ate out at El Forestero.  It tasted so good.  We haven’t been there since Kimm’s birthday.  They are in their new place now.  The decor is MUCH better.  The food was still good, but the only negative is that they no longer sell the Mexican sodas…we loved them!

Home and then I was able to chat with my mom for a bit before she went to the movies.

And then just relaxing porch time.  It was SO nice.  I read, knitted, watched the final episode of Grace and Frankie, played Candy Crush.  Just vegged.  I loved it.

One more happy birthday to my mom…I hope you have an amazing year!



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