2 of 3 … done. LONG day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The actual night of work was not too bad, just a few incidents, but nothing crazy.  However, it was also our annual mandatory ACE day so I did that after work…almost an extra two hours.  So by the time I left, about 10:30 am, I was EXHAUSTED.

I came home, ate a rhubarb muffin that I made last night (BTW…LOVED them…will have to post the recipe), and then climbed into bed.  However, for being as tired as I was, I STILL slept just so-so.  Even with the AC on.  My day time sleep is just not great anymore.

Up at 5 pm and it was hot and humid.  Hate that kind of weather.  Kimm told me that our squash and zucchini plants now have the powdery mildew — see it only took a few days of that humid weather to affect them. Sigh.

Dinner was homemade pizza…tasted so good.  I’ve just showered and that felt amazing.

Now I’m going to try to start a new knitting project…may even attempt my OWN design!

Only one more night on before a night off!


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