A VERY late night.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

My one night off…and it was a late one.

We headed out to Florence, MA to watch Burlesque and the all King Drag show to follow.

It was rainy and one of those nights you just wish you could stay at home!  On the way there we had a nerve racking experience…a car driving next to us practically rammed into the side of our car.  I must have been thinking about who knows what, and all of a sudden I see this flash of color REALLY near the car and I yell to Kimm “put on the brakes!!” and then I think there may have been some swear words!  I tell you, I really felt like that was an accident VERY nearly avoided.  Talk about your life flashing between your eyes.

The shows were both really good.  But when they were done we just shot out of there to get home to let our dog out since we had known ahead of time that they were going to be shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood.

When we got home, Izzy went out and pooped immediately which was a good thing.  However, then she didn’t want to pee AT ALL.  So of course I knew that was not a good thing.  I checked the basement…nothing.  Then I checked upstairs…yep, she had peed on the carpet in the office, again.  SIGH.

So there was the clean up for that which was annoying.

Then a quick snack of English muffins before finally heading up to bed about 1:30 am.

I REALLY wish that I would have had more than one night off.  I’m going to be tired I can tell for the next days on.


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